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Ayten is a product studio that Offer development and Marketing services to help you meet your digital needs with our expertise in the software field. 


    Software development

    We design, create, deploy, and maintain software applications and systems with a focus on web Apps.


    We are here to help you design your own aspirations, brand identity, and your digital platforms.

    Digital Marketing

    We offered you SEO services, running Digital Marketing campaigns, Paid Ads, and Marketing Analytics Services.


    We are here to help you design your own aspirations, brand identity, and your digital platforms.

    Ayten is the Right Partner for…

    Why Ayten?


    Accountability ensures performance by practicing punctuality, meeting deadlines, and supporting teammates during crises within our team.


    Scientific advancements in computer education and tools have a short lifespan.
    As a medium-sized business, we invest ample time and energy to train our team
    on new methods.

    Honesty and transparency

    Honesty and transparency are critical for effective team functioning and meeting objectives. As operators, we must inform the master about project progress, even if it’s unfavorable.

      Ayten’s Projects


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      Ista is a WordPress website designed for ordering architecture projects.
      Pricing Range:


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      Baroj is a wedding planning website based in Chicago.
      Pricing Range:


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      GPC is a management system designed for the German-Qatar Pipe Company.
      Pricing Range:


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      Mudeer is a project designed to simplify business operations.
      Pricing Range:

      ZAPPIER Plugin for Formaloo

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      Zapier is a product that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and automate.
      Pricing Range:


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      Taba Medical Imaging Center is an advanced and well-known medical imaging center in Shiraz, IRAN.
      Pricing Range:


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      Novinpardakht is the fastest and most complete online currency payment platform in Iran.
      Pricing Range:


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      One of the most important factors of neural networks and AI is the existence of a complete data set.
      Pricing Range:


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      Memargram is the first specialized architectural application in Iran.
      Pricing Range:


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      You can find van stations using Kanii. Each van provides different services.
      Pricing Range:

      How it’s going to be doing?

      • Getting to know your Requirements
      • Analyzing your Business
      • Time & Cost Estimation Based on Your Requirements
      • Providing a Detailed Contract
      • Assigning Our Related Experts to the Project
      • Working on it Based on The Gantt Chart 
      • Presenting Actions And Results
      • Preparing Monthly Reports
      • Submitting Project Based on Contract
      • Supporting You in Continuing Path

        “It’s great to see that Ayten has such a broad skill set. We’re both very passionate. Whatever the project,
        everything we’ve created together has exceeded our client’s expectations quite a bit.”


        MohammadHosein Farshad
        Head of Executive Department at Ayten

        Ayten’s own Products!


        Leadoma is an innovative WordPress customer relationship
        management (CRM) plugin designed to assist businesses in identifying
        their most valuable customers, pinpointing those who may be
        transitioning to competing brands, and ultimately optimizing
        profitability from each customer.


        UZE is a comprehensive user interface (UI) kit meticulously crafted to
        aid designers and developers in building visually appealing and highly
        functional interfaces. Its purpose is to streamline the UI design process
        by offering a range of versatile components that enable the creation of
        modern, sleek interfaces with ease.


        Diwan is an online platform for providing and receiving audio, video and text based services.
        This means that any type of service based on audio or video or text that has the ability to be provided between the two ends of the service recipient and the service provider can be placed on this platform.

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